1. Everyone is so chill
  2. Drugs are available at every corner
    Everywhere I went someone offered me some. Guess I just have that look
  3. Using 2 currencies is convenient but also confusing
    Sometime they give you Belize sometimes US, sometimes both.
  4. It's not as cheap as I was led to believe
    I spent a shit ton
  5. Beers are only 9.6 ounces!
  6. Everyone here is either old, a child, or foreign. We may be the only Americans our age on this island
  7. All the food is either seafood, Mexican, or a combination of both.
  8. Every restaurant in the country has habenero pepper sauce on the table
  9. Deli's are by far the cheapest restaurants but don't serve sandwiches
  10. I breath too much when I Scuba and the instructor doesn't like it
  11. I now know what Creed meant
  12. Make sure to get your late night shrimp taco before they run out!
  13. They're serious about their Mayans
  14. If someone does something bad they assume they're are Belizian
  15. They use our cars from 20 years ago
    Absolute garbage rental car
  16. Their best roads are our worst
  17. Gas is a billion dollars
  18. Almost everyone speaks English but as soon as you cross a boarder, no one does
  19. They have rum that is 95% alcohol
    Took a shot without a chaser
  20. The best food I had was BBQ on the side of the road
  21. The Mayans were insane
    Sacrificing teenagers and babies for some rain. They may have been hella smart, but they were nuts
  22. Backpacking is the best way to travel
    You get to meet so many people and every day is an adventure