What I Did This Weekend

Looking back on it, I had a pretty eventful weekend.
  1. The weekend started off to a slow start when a old friend flaked as usual
  2. Lifted weights at the Barbell Compound with powerlifting champion. He taught me how to log lift
  3. Went to the Edison Park bars and mingled with some strangers. Some were creeper than others but overall fun.
  4. Defender the powerlifter from hecklers with my quick wit (shit talking)
  5. *New addition: failed to mention I hit it off with a girl on tinder that I went a bunch of dates with. It didn't work out but it added to the day
  6. Saw the Revenant with my old man. I gave it a 9/10
  7. Had dinner dinner at Replay in Andersonville. Good brew and shrimp tacos
  8. Went bar hopping in Bucktown. I may have lost my credit card but I enjoyed many drinks in the process. Yelled Jimmy a lot and a friend of a friend. Checked IDs at the front door because no one else was. Put someone else in charge when I left
  9. Watched Short Circuit 2 while recovering from a hangover. Never a mistake
  10. Had dinner at Nia, a Mediterranean restaurant downtown. 8 courses and a wine flight all delicious.