1. The barista invites me to his art show. He does this every day for weeks. When the art show ends, he tells me his art is still hanging up on his campus and I could go find it. He does this everyday until I switch.
  2. I work at a Target in a mall. Even though there's a Starbucks in the Target I walk to the other one. My coworkers start asking where I got the drinks.
  3. Barista makes fun of me for ordering an iced drink in January.
  4. Every time I enter this Starbucks it seems the line never moves. The baristas all have blank stares. I'm worried about being turned into an apron wearing zombie.
  5. I find out someone who works there is an old co-worker. I didn't even like him when I was getting paid to be in the same room.
  6. This is the perfect Starbucks. Everyone know my name, draws fun things on my cups, we have inside jokes. There is one barista who never smiles. He laughs one day and I exclaim that I'm happy to see him smile! He immediately frowns and stares me down until I leave.