A "list song" is any song that's organized like a list. So it seems fitting to do a listapp list of list songs. Of course, as Ed Kleban used to warn young songwriters, "list songs tend to list." In the sense of drifting off course, get it? So the best ones have more layers going on than just the list. But this list doesn't. Anyway. Here's a few.
  1. You're The Top
  2. A Little Priest
  3. California Girls
  4. We Didn't Start The Fire
  5. It Would Have Been Wonderful (from A Little Night Music)
  6. How About You?
  7. La Vie Boheme (from Rent)
  8. Surfin USA
  9. Blowin in the Wind
  10. A You're Adorable
  11. Dear Future Husband
  12. Mambo No. 5
  13. The Twelve Days Of Christmas