Toddler Watch List (in progress)

I'm not a great or terrible dad-geek hybrid... Kinda new to the biz, if we're being honest. But in the 22 months that my boy Dominic has been around, I've compiled a list of hazards and behaviors to monitor... Have you seem these phenomena also?
  1. Writing/drawing implements
    Dominic has discovered the joy of creation and artistic vision, that knows no limits. If not vigilant, one will often find crayon, chalk, and gel pen marks everywhere, often on surfaces that are not easily cleaned or on documents not easily replaced
  2. Anything that can be climbed
    Dominic is robust and energetic, able to now scale chairs, high beds, bookcases, and open auto trunk gates with the greatest of ease. His assessment of available standing space and tenable ledges has not kept pace with his climbing abilities
  3. Ice cream (or containers that appear to store iced creams)
    Dominic, at age 14 months, once saw his adult overseers indulging in the fine frozen confections available from Fosselman's Ice Cream Company. One of them saw fit to allow him to sample some... A ravenous shambles was created that day, that will not stop until the dessert is surrendered
  4. All technology that "clicks"
    Dominic is growing up in an advanced technological age, filled with smartphones, smarter televisions, and even smarter computers. The most appealing part of these state-of-the-art devices are how Mom and Dad interface with them: keyboards, mice, car dashboards, and TV remotes have a "click-clack" that summons Dominic quickly
  5. Cleaning equipment
    Dominic has learned the behavior patterns of his large overlords, and knows that periodically the one known as "DaaaaDaah" will sweep, dust, and vacuum. In his benevolence, Dominic will aggressively attempt to appropriate the broom, feather duster, and vacuum hose, often while this equipment is in use
  6. Keys
    Dominic is ashamed of the days in his infancy, when he foolishly believed that any large, plastic, brightly colored toys functioned similarly to the metallic, heavy keychains and keys the adults carried around. He will not be fooled again. And, the heavier, shinier keys just taste better
  7. My entire desk (and all the nerd baubles that used to adorn it)
    Dominic knows a treasure trove when he sees one, or rather, has a strong suspicion of where one can be found. After all, why else has his father moved numerous items higher up on his desk top, or blocked access to his desk drawer with a bicycle lock and unused telephone cables?