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This is a very important list. We don't joke about BCP around here 🍌
  1. Heidi's Pies 👍👍👍👍👍
  2. Chile Pies Baking Co. 👍👍👍👍
  3. Mission Pie 👍👍👍👍
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Do we need an introduction
  1. Shadow the dog- you were a beautiful malamute, I remember I could walk into your doghouse without ducking.
  2. Ewok the cat (yes, had a cat for like 2 days then my mom got severely allergic and we had to give him away) I'm not a cat person now
  3. Hammy Hamster (when you died we tried to give you CPR with a straw. Sorry dude)
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Sound effex studio everyday
  1. Eating a gigantic haribo gummy bear. (FAO Schwarz Giant Patrick size)
  2. Grooming himself like my dog does (also while eating wet scrambled eggs) 😖😖😖 this one is the best of the worst images
  3. Vacuuming a flooded basement...with his mouth
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Well, no human being is exactly the same right??
  1. I still sleep with my childhood baby blanket nightly. It's fine until you know that I'm 35 and have a small child (who does not require a baby blanket)
  2. Once in summer school biology, I dissected a pig fetus and my teacher showed us all the parts of a pig that goes into hot dogs, and I have been a hot dogeratian ever since.
  3. I would totally fangirl if I saw/met Mariska Hargitay in person. She's clearly who I want to solve my case in the event I am murdered.
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I'm a total weirdo. I know this because my Google search history tells me so.
  1. Do butterflies have throats?
  2. Can fish swim in milk or beer?
  3. Do hummingbirds sleep? Are there photos?
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