Well, no human being is exactly the same right??
  1. I still sleep with my childhood baby blanket nightly. It's fine until you know that I'm 35 and have a small child (who does not require a baby blanket)
  2. Once in summer school biology, I dissected a pig fetus and my teacher showed us all the parts of a pig that goes into hot dogs, and I have been a hot dogeratian ever since.
  3. I would totally fangirl if I saw/met Mariska Hargitay in person. She's clearly who I want to solve my case in the event I am murdered.
  4. I don't eat shrimp or shellfish like oysters, clams, mussels solely for the fact that they are whole entities that you could swallow in one fell swoop. Imagine that, your entire existence just gone in one bite. 😖 who wants that kind of power?
  5. I'm left handed and incredibly left dominant. But cartwheel much better on my right side.
  6. I like driving in the car by myself so I can 1/zone out 2/talk to myself 3/sing outloud (I sing REALLY well when I'm alone) 4/use the F word freely and often
  7. I'm obsessed with outer space and dinosaurs, two very ironic and difficult to comprehend concepts. Ironic, being that dinosaurs probably stopped existing due to an incident that occurred in space, and difficult because I'm not sure how dinosaurs would benefit from all of the Starbucks coffee shops we have these days.
  8. I'm incredibly socially awkward. I often identify myself closely with George Costanza from Seinfeld.
  9. This air plant is the only thing that makes me smile when I'm at work lately
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  10. I have a younger sister and she is the fucking best. She is truly my best friend! I feel sad for anyone who doesn't have what we have! Sister love is so special! 👭
  11. I love secret adventures.
  12. I was truly saddened when Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid split up irl.
  13. Nighttime showerer til I die
  14. Things I didn't start eating until I was like like 20- avocados, raw fish, spicy food, brown rice
  15. Wet socks on my feet make me want to die.
  16. I'm pretty sure I have a very gross sounding laugh. Please ask my sister she always tells me the cold hard truth.