Do we need an introduction
  1. Shadow the dog- you were a beautiful malamute, I remember I could walk into your doghouse without ducking.
  2. Ewok the cat (yes, had a cat for like 2 days then my mom got severely allergic and we had to give him away) I'm not a cat person now
  3. Hammy Hamster (when you died we tried to give you CPR with a straw. Sorry dude)
  4. Blowfish (you bit my brother's finger and he totally deserved it, we were also together during the Loma Prieta earthquake)
  5. Tessie- our German Shepard. Sorry I wasn't there for you at the end. It hurt too much and I was too dumb to say goodbye properly. I still regret it. P.S. Fuck you hip displacia
  6. Mochi the mini schnauzer. Omg I am still traumatized. After your heart stopped beating I went home and watched slideshow pictures of you while listening to James Blunt. I was a wreck. Also- fuck you so super hard IMHA
  7. TAIKO & OLLIE- my 🐨🐨 still love you both. They brought heart back to life after MoMo!
  8. Kramer- tiny little dog he's like a rat I never had. I guess I love him. No okay, I do I do...
  9. DAISY- my first rescue pup ever. I love her so much that I even miss her right now! She's my ball of fluff, my food obsessed, protector. She loves her brother and is so gentle and patient with him even when he doesn't realize his own bumbly body. My gigantic maltipoo!