This is a list of things that anyone who works or has previously worked in a bar will understand. These are not in any particular order, I don't have my life together enough to put them in order of annoyance.
  1. When a customer clearly sees you hold your hand out to collect the payment for their drink and they put the money on the bar.
    Like really? Is that what you are going to do? You're a bad person and I dislike you.
  2. When someone shouts their order at you when you are clearly serving another customer.
    Can you see this drink I'm making? It's not for you, wait your turn. Which conveniently is a lot further in the queue now that you've been rude.
  3. The "I'm a regular customer" type of guy.
    Just don't. I know you're here every day, that's great buddy! You still don't get free drinks though!
  4. The customer that always says "Come to me next mate" or "I've been waiting for ages buddy".
    I know how long you've been there, I saw how long you have been at the bar. Calling me mate or buddy doesn't get you served quicker and annoying me will guarantee I don't serve you at all.
  5. The girls that genuinely believe flirting will get them cheaper drinks.
    Look, you're attractive, that's wonderful! Yay for you! This one only really applies to guys, but even so, it's annoying on a night where every other female at the bar tries the same trick, give up!
  6. Guys who spend all day leaning against the bar trying to chat up the bar maids.
    In the UK, this is any guy between 18 and 60. They're all at it. My co workers are only polite because you're a customer and don't call you disgusting because they want a tip. Back off, it's not sweet it's creepy.
  7. Someone who ordered a drink half an hour ago, decided not to drink it and came to complain it's flat.
    If you have a beer, and leave it for a long period of time then it will go flat. That is not our fault, drink your drink when you order it and we don't have this problem.
  8. Getting the blame for a mistake in the kitchen.
    This doesn't apply to all places, but if you work in a pub/bar that serves food, you'll understand when a customer complains at you for something that the kitchen did wrong. Like look, I work on the bar, not in the kitchen. I highly doubt my hand touching the bottom of the plate managed to burn something??? Or am I missing something, I don't know.
  9. Parents who bring their children to the pub/bar every day.
    This really depends on the parent and the child. Some people will say that no child is annoying but I will have to disagree, especially when working to the tune of a child's scream. Sorry child, but please shut up. Also, parents, do you not have anything better to do with your children? A park? Anything? Nope.
  10. The customers who claim to have given you more money than they actually did.
    You do it every time you come to the bar. One of these days you're going to do it and I'll say you're lying because you say it so often. Seriously stop doing it, because nobody enjoys it.