1. The bridal shower was just a as uncomfortable as I expected.
  2. I dragged my mom along and used her diabetes as an excuse to leave 20 minutes in.
  3. This lady at the bridal shower is friends with my ex-boyfriends mother, she referred to me as "oh you're THAT girl...you're a comedian or something...what do you do though, for money."
  4. I'm a cautionary tale.
  5. At least he described me as a comedian, what the hell? I've been to a few open mics and one time I made a bartender laugh.
  6. Why would he say that?!
  7. Should I use this as an excuse to text him?
  8. I need a drink.
  9. I should probably just text him something about his weird moms friend, "hey I met Debbie, what a downer!"
  10. "Debbie is dick."
  11. "Why are you talking about me to Debbie, who is she to you? Have you had sex with her?!?"