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  1. It's ... different around here.
  2. Runs and hides again.


  1. CUBS
  2. CUBS
  3. CUBS
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  1. 2012 my request, Hello Kitty for our 6 month old.
  2. 2012 husband's choice, because he wanted a little more of a challenge.
  3. 2013 husband's choice, an owl.
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... after realizing the "mild" hatch chile peppers you put in your fajitas, were in fact, not:
  1. 1.
    My mouth is not actually on fire,
    if I open it, you won't see flames.
  2. 2.
    I'm not actually dying,
    I didn't mean to say that, I'm sorry for scaring you.
  3. 3.
    I'm still eating it even though it's too spicy because it's just that good.
    Daddy did some excellent grilling tonight.
  4. 4.
    It's totally normal to rest your tongue in a glass of milk at the table,
    but only if you're an adult.
  1. Today, I took my daughter to early vote and she helped me cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton.
  2. Tomorrow, my beloved Cubs will play game one of the World Series.
  3. Two things my mother never experienced before she passed away.
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Presented without comment. This list is pretty much me.
  1. An American in Paris
  2. Birds, The
  3. Cinema Paradiso
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  1. My husband and I come from very different Jewish backgrounds and traditions. I was raised very conservative, almost Orthodox. He was raised Reform.
  2. For me the high holidays were serious occasions, done almost all in Hebrew, chanted quickly over two days by old white men*. For him, it was joyous and participatory, a mix of Hebrew and English for one day.
    *my memories of that time are admittedly biased
  3. For me, the highlight of Rosh Hashanah was our two big family dinners. For him, dinner was a quick sandwich so as not to be too full to sing in the choir.
    The first night with my mom's family on the north side, near us; the next out on the south side of the city with my dad's side.
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I've learned that whenever I see an animal whose name I don't know, I greet them with, "hey, buddy." This was confirmed for me when my daughter started saying, "hey buddy" to every dog, squirrel, and bird in our neighborhood. Here's some of my buddies from my vacation to Colorado.
  1. Hey buddy.
    Chipmunk in Nederland
  2. Hey buddy.
    Hummingbird in Nederland
  3. Hey buddy.
    I need a faster zoom lens 😬
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The second in a series of lists about my (truly lovely) vacation. It's literally the first vacation since my honeymoon more than 6 years ago that was not tacked on to a work obligation or a family event. (ETA: all photos are mine)
  1. The getting there.
    Two days in a car. More than one of those was just getting out of Texas. Passing these wind farms outside of Abilene was the highlight of the drive. I thought they would keep my daughter occupied for a good 10-15 minutes. She cared for approximately 10-15 seconds. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. The volcano in Capulin, New Mexico that almost killed us.
    It's only been extinct for about 56,000 years. Whew, luckily we just missed the window of hot spewing lava.
  3. The alcohol in Boulder
    Stayed the night with a dear friend from college and her husband makes a damn good mule. My middle aged alcohol tolerance is a pathetic shadow of my former Big 10 college self.
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At the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs you can feed giraffes. Guaranteed to make you smile, probably make you laugh, and definitely make you happy!
  1. Oh, hey buddy.
  2. You hungry?
  3. How about some lettuce?
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