Inspired by @boygirlparty what a fun idea, thank you!
  1. Refugee by Lydia Emily
    My friend Lydia is an amazing artist who is living with MS. From LA, she moved to Austin last year. This is a limited edition print of her painting. She primarily does large mural street art. Check her out
  2. Untitled by Deb Sokolow
    My cousin Deb is an artist in Chicago. Before she started doing massive wall pieces in the mid-2000s, she made smaller pieces like this. This one is above my coffee maker in the kitchen. Check her out
  3. Untitled by Deb Sokolow
    Deb also made this piece in the late 90s.
  4. Untitled by Deb Sokolow
    A third piece, I'll stop now :)
  5. Because coffee is cheaper than Prozac by my friend Matthew
    Matthew is an industrial designer. He made this print in college and gave it to me for graduation.
  6. "Shalom Y'All" by Amos Amit
    Painted on silk. I love this piece because it's cheeky. "Y'all" isn't a word in Hebrew, but that's what the letters spell out (yod, aleph, lamed). My husband and I met Amos at an art fair here in Austin (I think he's based in LA) and loved talking to him. I have family that own much bigger ($$) pieces by him. This fit our price point. 😀
  7. Love for Life by Lorri Honeycutt
    Lorri is a photographer in Austin. She uses miniatures and macro photography to make some fun pieces. That's an older couple sitting together on a Gerbera daisy. Gerberas were our wedding flowers and I bought this print for our first anniversary.
  8. Psychology by Brian Andreas
    "Of course I'm not happy, she said to me, but I've got a degree in psychology so at least I can explain why." One of the few pieces I have from someone I didn't meet or know personally.
  9. Basket Weaver, Vietnam By Greg Davis
    This picture of the photo doesn't do it justice. Greg is based in Austin, but travels the world taking photos. I met him at an art fair here in Austin several years ago.
  10. Untitled ceramic by my friend Sari
    Sari is a house painter by day and does ceramics in her spare time. She made these tiles and placed them on rebar.
  11. Hamsa by my husband's grandmother
    I love hamsas and have several of them around the house.
  12. Concert print
    A gift from my best friend. I missed this show but he was lucky enough to go.
  13. Bolts of Chicago by Mike Cramer
    My first "real art" that I bought at Around the Coyote in Chicago around 1997. I love that rusty pieces falling off the El tracks are art. Mike is a lawyer and artist in Chicago and when I met him, he was primarily doing political cartoons.
  14. Arbor ketubah by Mickie Caspi
    This is my Jewish wedding contract, called a ketubah. Unlike a typical civil marriage license, ketubahs are often elaborate art pieces. Interwoven into the two trees and their branches are quotes in Hebrew and English from Song of Songs.
  15. A close up of my ketubah
  16. Bee Boy
    A gift for my 30th birthday from one of my best friends.
  17. Take Time to Garden
    My husband's aunt made this for me to help encourage me to overcome my black thumb and embrace gardening. I'm getting better!
  18. Untitled by me
    One of the first photos I took where I said, "damn!" 2002 on Maui.
  19. Lego Yoda by my husband
    He's pretty proud of it 😉
  20. Splatter paint by my daughter
    She went to a birthday party last year at an art studio that had a splatter paint room. Not bad for a 3-year old!