Dedicated to @eatthelove and all you other poor unfortunate souls who have never had a breakfast taco.
  1. Do you like eggs?
  2. Bacon?
  3. Chorizo?
  4. Sausage?
  5. Brisket?
  6. Avocado?
  7. Potatoes?
  8. Beans?
  9. Jalapeño?
  10. Cheese?
  11. Salsa?
  12. More importantly, do you like warm flour tortillas?
    Yes, you can do corn if you must.
  13. Then you, my friend are clearly a fan of breakfast tacos, you just didn't know it yet.
  14. Breakfast tacos are a staple in Texas. I've heard of breakfast burritos in other places (not big here); but I've never heard of breakfast tacos anyplace else.
    I'm happy to be schooled if you know differently!
  15. The best kind are the ones made to order. Choose your ingredients (I like no more than 3, plus salsa) in a fresh, warm tortilla, and enjoy that Tex-Mex goodness.
  16. Both Austin and San Antonio lay claim to inventing them.
    An article earlier this year on an Austin blog caused a breakfast taco war between the two cities. It wasn't pretty. The feud ended in a "breakfast taco peace accord," no, I'm not kidding.
  17. @bjnovak listed about them during SXSW.
    Favorite Breakfast Experiences in Austin So Far Today and commenters had definite opinions!
  18. They are sold from push carts, food trucks, fast food, counter service, casual, and upscale restaurants.
  19. When I worked in an industrial area with no restaurants nearby, a guy would drive up in his car, pop the trunk and have an assortment of tacos his wife had just made minutes prior.
    Our security guard would get on the intercom and make the announcement, "the taco truck is here, the taco truck is here," and folks would take a 10-minute break to get their breakfast.
  20. Every Austinite has an opinion on which place has the best and which is overrated.
    People love or hate (or love to hate) Torchy's. Personally, as long as we're not at Taco Cabana, I'm good (and who are we kidding, if it were the only option, I'd make it work).
  21. I'm not a huge egg person so my favorites are usually bean, cheese, and avocado or a potato and chorizo.
  22. Best of all, you can make them at home, just how you like 'em
    No fancy equipment necessary. Warm your tortilla over a stove burner and build your breakfast.
  23. Enjoy!