My 100th List
  1. Today, I took my daughter to early vote and she helped me cast my ballot for Hillary Clinton.
  2. Tomorrow, my beloved Cubs will play game one of the World Series.
  3. Two things my mother never experienced before she passed away.
  4. Two things I wasn't sure I'd ever experience in my lifetime.
  5. Two things my daughter will have been there for and maybe not realize how amazing they are.
  6. She was born into a world with an African-American president. She was alive when the U.S. S. Ct upheld gay marriage. She looks at the world as good. Filled with hope and promise. Full of people similar and different from her who all want the same thing—to be safe and loved and play at the park until the sun goes down and it's time to eat dinner.
  7. Today, I feel it too.
  8. Static