Figuratively you sickos.
  1. My husband is an engineer
    My dad would have been if he had been able to go to college. As first generation son of immigrants with a hearing impairment, he was put in special education in school and then went to work for Zenith as a factory worker when he was 19 until he retired at 65. He took every shop class he could in school and then self taught himself the rest through Time-Life books. He would take apart, fix, and rebuild everything he got his hands on.
  2. My husband is a typical nerd—comic superheroes, Star Wars, Star Trek, science fiction books etc.
    My dad was the same, but started with the originals.
  3. My husband is an optimist.
    So was my dad. He would find a bright side to any situation. It was annoying as hell sometimes, especially when I wanted to be mad angst-ridden teenager. He grew up poor during the depression and lived through WWII with both of his brothers serving in the Army. If he want to look at the bright side, who was I to argue?
  4. My husband wanted so badly to be a dad and finally got his wish at 41 years old after we struggled with infertility.
    My dad wanted so badly to be a dad and finally got his wish at 41 years old after he and my mom struggled with infertility.
  5. My husband is a doting and wonderful father to our little girl.
    My dad was a doting and wonderful father to his two girls.
  6. My husband is always available to help someone in need.
    My dad was still running errands for elderly friends who could no longer drive or otherwise get around until right before his death at 82.
  7. My husband is loyal in a way I forgot people can be.
    Same with my dad. Both of them have been with one employer since starting their careers, although my husband still has many years ahead of him. They are brand-loyal and most importantly people-loyal. Fiercely so.
  8. My husband is my biggest fan.
    My dad did not always get me or what I was doing, but man, he cheered for me nonetheless.
  9. They are loving, loyal, happy, caring, and strong people. Nowadays that can feel like something naive and old-fashioned, but it is real and wonderful.
    I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a father like that in their life, but we all deserve it. Both my dad and my husband take folks into our lives who need a little extra father figure. Dad was everyone's "uncle Ruby" or just plain "Ruby" in an era when adults were still Mr. So and so. My husband has godsons and dozens of kids he mentored and it makes me beam when I think about it.
  10. Their two biggest differences are (1) their gray hairs
    Dad started going gray in his mid 60's, my husband in his early 20's.
  11. and (2) their steaks
    Dad wanted his basically burnt. My husband wants his almost mooing. (Both are gross)
  12. I love you sweetie.
    I love and miss you dad.
  13. Happy Fathers Day.