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Not gonna lie, I started another list that was too much of a downer, so I'm scratching it and doing this one in true Cubs' fan fashion, because since 1982 I've been saying this is our year. I hope you like it @BWN_7 (even though it's about the Cubbies)
  1. The summer of 1984.
  2. I was 12, my sister was almost 10, and we were home for the summer
  3. with my mom, a die hard Cubs fan.
  4. We couldn't afford to go to the games, but we watched as many as we could during the summer.
    Back before WGN became a "super station," it was just channel 9, and it carried all the Cubs home games. Back in 1984 there were no lights at Wrigley so all home games were during the day.
  5. One day my cousin came by. Her company was owned by one of the owners of the Cubs. Her boss had given her free tickets!
  7. We took the PACE 208 bus down Church Street to downtown Evanston, got on the Evanston Shuttle (now called the Purple Line) to Howard, where we got on a Howard A/B train (now called the Red Line) and got off at Addison.
  8. And before long, we were at Wrigley Field.
  9. The friendly confines. Home of my boyfriend, Ryne Sandberg (2B), Rick Sutcliffe (P), Lee Smith (P) Jody Davis (C), Leon Durham (1B), Larry Bowa (SS), Ron Cey (3B), Gary "Sarge" Matthews (LF), Bob Dernier (CF), and Keith Moreland (RF). Steve Stone and Harry Carey were the announcers.
    Bill Buckner had already gone on to the Red Sox.
  10. Mom bought us a score card and my sister kept stats for the whole game.
  11. I don't remember a thing about the game itself.
    Odd are we won, we did have a kick ass season after all. And we probably sang Van Halen's "Jump" a million times.
  12. But I remember how happy my mom was and how excited we were. I knew enough to realize what a special treat that day was.
    But the rest is a blur. I had some serious issues with what I assume was depression from ages 11-14 or so. I have very few concrete and positive memories from that time. But going to this game was one.
  13. And what I wouldn't give to have a summer day like that with my mom (and my sister) again.
  14. 🎤Hey Chicago, what do you say?⚾️