Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. January 2006. I flew to Austin for a job interview. My boss in Chicago didn't know I was interviewing, let alone left the city.
  2. My best friend had just won a house in Austin on a reality show, but the show never aired. There was a lot of controversy about it.
  3. After my interview, my friend picked me up and said we were also picking up a reporter who wanted to do a story on my friends and the vast right-wing conspiracy that kept Disney from airing the show.*
    *my words, or maybe my friends's, but in any event, not those of the reporter.
  4. We got the reporter, turns out he was writing for the NYT. I was in awe.
    Back in 2006, real actual honest to goodness newspapers still meant something.
  5. His photographer met us at the newly-won house.
  6. The reporter spent a couple hours interviewing my friends, their new neighbors, and hanging out with us (we're fun)
  7. Right before they were finished, we decided to all have a shot (or two) of tequila together (because Texas).
  8. The photographer positioned us to get the photo. Just then I stopped. Wait! My boss reads the NYT everyday, she doesn't know I'm here.
  9. He repositioned us.
  10. And that's how a photo of my wrist, while I was doing a shot of tequila, ended up in the NYT!
  11. Story starts on page 1 below the fold.
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  12. I'm famous!
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  13. P.S.
    I got the job and moved to Texas a month later. Now my only brushes with fame are the ones that @kcupcaker has and I get to hear about... MY FIVE MINUTES OF FAME 😎