For you my darling @kcupcaker (sorry it's taken so long) Nothing will compare to my summer at the (allegedly) mob-connected Italian restaurant (THE CAST OF CHARACTERS THAT SUMMER IN 1994 WHEN I WAITRESSED AT THE (ALLEGED) MOB JOINT). But this was my first non-babysitting job, starting in 1987 and it had its own cast of characters. Again, all names changed to protect the innocent...
  1. Mr. Peterson
    One of three assistant managers and the only one I remember. He hired me. I remember that he laughed a lot, had kind eyes, and a big ole stache.
  2. Susan
    She was in charge of the greeting cards. Also, she was dating Mr. Peterson, I think (athough other people said he was married). I has a suspicion they were swingers, at least it would have been cool if they were.
  3. Mr. O'Brien
    The store manager. He looked like a weasel with brill-cream slicked hair, beady eyes, and no one liked him much. Rumor had it his wife was part of the Walgreens family, which is how he got his job. Every story needs a villain, he was ours.
  4. My next door neighbor
    A couple years older than me, she worked her way up to head of the cosmetics department. She ran with a much different crowd and we didn't interact much.
  5. My best friend
    She started working there first and helped get me the job. She had many more after school activities and didn't need to work as much as I did so we didn't work together much during the school year, but we did during the summer. We had a blast, until we grew apart senior year. We'd work til either 10 pm or 1:00 am and then go out with our boyfriends to the beach or hang out at one of our houses til the early morning. (Curfew? What curfew?)
  6. My boyfriend
    We also got him to work there. It was typical high school drama. We alternated between stealing kisses in the stock room and having dramatic fights in aisle 4. One time, after a particularly awful fight, I showed up on my day off, stood in line at his register, and when I got up to him, threw all the things he had given me at him and said, "I'd like to make a return,"and stomped out of the store.
  7. Sam
    A cashier and our resident pot dealer. He rocked a mullet and acid washed jean jacket. He was older than me (mid-20s maybe) and took me under his wing. At one point someone asked if I was gonna "party" with them after work, he looked at me, shook his head and said, "no, she's got to study" Sam is also the one who warned me about where the security cameras were in the stock room, in case boyfriend and I wanted more...privacy. I developed a little crush on Sam.
  8. Tran
    Our party boy and goof off, but everyone (except Mr. O'Brien) loved him. He had no protective instincts for me, like Sam did. One night Tran invited boyfriend and I to a party a few 'burbs over after work. We showed up to a party full of drugs, weapons, and Vietnamese gang members. I have never felt so out of place, we didn't stay long and (thankfully) Tran was cool with it.
  9. Chuy
    Usually worked the camera dep't. Younger than me and the sweetest guy. Also a total mama's boy, she would pack his meals and show up to work and check on him. He ended up at the same college as me and when I bumped into him a few years later, I was so happy to see him, that my friends and I promptly took him out and got him drunk. Ahh... Good ole U of I.
  10. I worked there from my sophomore year of high school through my first summer home from college, 20 hours a week during the school year, full-time during the summer (along with another part-time job). I saved enough money to help out at home and pay for my first two years of college.
  11. I got the job after my dad had been laid off for the first time and my mom was hospitalized for the first time. I was trying to keep it together, help support my family, and find a way to pay for college on my own.
  12. I realized when I finally sat down to write this list that my memories of this time are more sentimental than they are specific.
  13. Outside of school and home, I spent more time here than anywhere else. An ordinary high school job that for me was a lifesaver.
  14. (Me and Chuy 1990-ish)