Vacation list #3: oh, hey buddy!

I've learned that whenever I see an animal whose name I don't know, I greet them with, "hey, buddy." This was confirmed for me when my daughter started saying, "hey buddy" to every dog, squirrel, and bird in our neighborhood. Here's some of my buddies from my vacation to Colorado.
  1. Hey buddy.
    Chipmunk in Nederland
  2. Hey buddy.
    Hummingbird in Nederland
  3. Hey buddy.
    I need a faster zoom lens 😬
  4. Hey buddies.
    Elk in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park
  5. Hey buddy.
    Sloth at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
  6. Hey buddy.
    Rocky Mountain Goat at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (on the roof!)
  7. And, hey buddy!
    Deer at Garden of the Gods