My twist on your list @nathanveshecco, I hope you like it. My parents were hearing impaired. They wore hearing aids and read lips, but were not allowed to learn sign language until they were much older. Back then (1930s) if you couldn't talk and read lips to get by in the hearing world, you could be institutionalized.
  1. My parents grew up watching musicals
    They had enough hearing to get a feel for the music (fast, slow, etc) and they could piece together the plot from watching the musical numbers. Musicals were over the top, fun to watch, and not remotely subtle. Perfect if you couldn't understand dialogue.
  2. My mom used to get sheet music for musicals and transcribe the lyrics into her notebooks.
    The music was useless to her, but she loved the lyrics. I found notebooks for "The Music Man," "Flower Drum Song," "Kiss Me Kate," and "The King and I" among her things after she passed away.
  3. My dad loved classical music
    He couldn't tell you Beethoven from Mozart. But, he loved big swells of music, woodwinds, and strings. He never liked percussion though, he always said they hurt his head.
  4. The first movie I saw in the theater with my parents was "Fantasia."
    It was 1982, I was 10, my sister was 8, and the movie had been re-released. It was a cartoon! With Mickey Mouse! And dancing hippos! It was awesome.
  5. My parents made me take music lessons.
    Flute and violin. I was awful. I was tone deaf. But my parents wanted me to have the music lessons they never could, so I did for two years and they came to every recital, beaming from ear to (mercifully deaf) ear.
  6. My mom watched MTV for and with me.
    Back in the mid 80s MTV really was music videos 90% of the time (when it wasn't Wrestlemania). Mom knew I loved Michael Jackson and Duran Duran. She would watch while I was at school and if she saw a video by them, she would press record on the vcr. She also enjoyed Cyndi Lauper, Hulk Hogan, and the Wrestlemania antics :)
  7. They let my sister and I join Columbia Record House and buy whatever we wanted
    12 records or tapes for $.01!
  8. We watched The Sound of Music as a family every year when it came on tv.
    Who didn't though, right?
  9. They never censored what I listened to.
    They never asked to read the liner notes, they never worried about devil worshipping nonsense, they trusted that I chose good music. I treasured that trust.
  10. Music was the bridge my parents used to connect with me. For everything that music came to mean to me as I grew up, it started as a way for my hearing impaired parents to fit into my hearing world and to share it with me.