Inspired by @bjnovak.
  1. Granular Bot
    For when the word "detailed" just doesn't cut it.
  2. Circle Back Bot
    For when Todd from accounting needs to leave you alone.
  3. Ping Me Bot
    For when you want to leave the messaging platform ambiguous. Google Chat or Slack - surprise me 😉
  4. Hop On A Call Bot
    For when you need to leave the world of bots and talk to people. Avoid this one if possible.
  5. Review the Deck Bot
    For when you're going to spend 2 seconds glimpsing through a PowerPoint you had the intern do to keep themselves busy.
  6. Looping In Bot
    For when you need a bot to make cc'ing someone ✨high tech✨
  7. Big Data Bot
    For when you need a bot to throw around some jargon to make you sound like you know things.
  8. Deliverables Bot
    For when you need to summarize everything that needs to happen after the meeting that could have been an email.