Thoughts I had while getting a couples massage with my best friend

We should have taken a picture at any point in the 2.5 hours we were there. We never do.
  1. Thank God I got a pedicure before this
  2. Thank God I shaved
  3. Why didn't I put on underwear? The masseuse is judging me.
  4. So totally naked and lie here? Oh, when you said leave on your underwear, bras don't count? Ok cool.
  5. What is that sound? Airplanes?
  6. What is Elmo? A seal?
  7. Ok, well that tickles! Focus all your energy on not kicking this woman while she attempts to massage your foot
  8. I wonder what oil she is using
  9. Barrage of tickles, relaxing rub downs and a lot is 'please move your arm'
  10. *time for the steam bath* *masseuse tells us how to use the steam bath* what did she say?
  11. Ok, I will just sit here in complete nakedness with my best friend and relax *laughs loudly for the entire time*
  12. You're right, Kawaii, hand held shower heads ARE weird! How do you soap and wash?
  13. It's cold! No, now it's hot! That is not the handle for the temperature! What are these things for?
  14. Reflexology=pain and drink more water
  15. What a lovely day!