These are the words we hear at work, in meetings or on conference calls, that make us cringe. In the past, I have used digital bingo cards with coworker's and literally played the game during meetings. What would you add?
  1. Let's stick a pin in it
  2. Tent pole
  3. Touch base
  4. Traunch
    As observed in the movie The Big Short
  5. Best practice
    I actually like this one ...
  6. Millennials
    In the media industry, every discussion must include a pitch to how we are going to reach these unicorns
  7. Deliverables
  8. Ping me
  9. Circle Back
  10. Unpack (these standards) (this idea)
    A new boss came in and told us to unpack things constantly. In three years he failed to mention what it was exactly he meant by unpacking.
    Suggested by @Mbates11
  11. "Innovation"
    Suggested by @marcikm
  12. This is going to be a quick meeting
    Suggested by @DetroitDime
  13. Let's take this offline
    Suggested by @daci
  14. Going forward...
    Suggested by @agestclair
  15. Think outside the box
    Suggested by @KaraLane
  16. Eat our own dog food
    Aka use our product on our own business.
    Suggested by @eacooper
  17. Reach out
    Suggested by @teresadevries
  18. "Let's drill down on this point"
    Suggested by @colleen
  19. Move the needle
    Suggested by @junerain
  20. It's in my wheel house
    Suggested by @rapntoto2
  21. Capture the low hanging fruit
    Suggested by @emilyjane29