This Year, I ...

2015 in review
  1. Moved from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando (kept my same job).
  2. Went to Disney World and Universal Studios / Harry Potter world countless times. (Sadly, not renewing my annual passes - keep reading!)
  3. Kept my weight steady (while this isn't as great as continuing the weight loss journey, it's a feat in itself! One year after massive weight loss and it's not creeping back.)
  4. Interviewed for my dream job - and got it.
  5. Broke my Orlando lease to move to Washington, D.C., for the dream job.
  6. Helped my brother get back on his own two feet by letting him break in my brand new couch for 16 weeks.
  7. Let my puppy take advantage of me countless times.
  8. Went car-free! I'll let you know how I feel about this when 2016 rolls around!
  9. Healed from a deep depression and became comfortable being on my own again.