My New Year's resolution is to enjoy the shit out of New York. Here are some things that I haven't done yet but would like to. Suggestions welcome!
  1. Visit the Met
  3. See Fun Home
  4. See The Humans
  5. See a live taping of SNL
  6. Spend a day at the New York Public Library
  7. Check out the MoMA
  8. Check out the Frick
  9. Check out the 9/11 museum and the top of the top of the One World Trade Center
  10. Check out the Museum of Moving Image
  11. Check out the Museum of Sex
  12. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  13. Go to the Williamsburg Smorgasburg
  14. Go to a Daybreaker dance party
  15. Get weird on Coney Island
  16. Stalk, find, and befriend Amy Schumer
  17. Rock the No Pants Subway Ride
  18. go iCe sK8ing ☃
  19. Befriend a rich old spinster
  20. See Hannibal Buress at the Knitting Factory
  21. Take an aquatic spinning class
  22. Check out Pelham Bay Park
  23. Check out Governors Island
    In the summer 🌞
  24. Walk through the Green-Wood Cemetary
  25. Find Lorne Michaels, give him a hug, tell him we're name twins, and hope for the best
  26. Go to the New York Comedy Festival
  27. Go up for an Improv Jam at UCB
  28. Eat and drink a bunch of good stuff
  29. See and hopefully maybe even one day get cast in Drunk Shakespeare
  30. Get paid to act again 🙃