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I'm inclined to write it down because it feels kind of temporary. I think it changes seasonally, but I'm also in a strange place with work and the ground is shifting
  1. Wake up around 8
  2. Have a glass of black cold brew if I remembered to make some the night before
  3. Put on railroad striped overalls, an undershirt, my silver jewelry, and once white converse
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  1. A gold ring
  2. A black wool coat
  3. An impossibly blue coin purse
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  1. I wanted to take my head off but mommy said NO!
  1. Peter from the bachelorette
    This god forsaken series is not reality. But the character of Peter is a national treasure.
  2. I'll think of more later
Or, a recent history of pretty cool things I won't stfu about
  1. A particular interview with Bill Moyers on Fresh Air
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Disposable cameras
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  1. A Sony Betamax camcorder
    Led to a rabbit hole of subsequent Ebay searches and camera forums don't do it
  2. A yoga mat
    That won't make me slip like Bambi on ice
  3. The Godfather DVD box set
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In my experience. It's a tough/crippling one. Tell me yours.
  1. Limiting social/friendship/romantic things to the ones that want to be around you
    I'm impulsive. My nature is to reach out to someone the second I want to see them and ask them about everything in their brain which is probably overwhelming. But rejection (even the incidental kind, or the pulling away, or the overlooking) wreaks havoc on a brain like mine. Sometimes it helps to just stop, and see who comes to you.
  2. Gabapentin
    Non addictive, non zonking, looks like Wes Anderson picked the color
  3. Sun Potion's Anandamine
    Mix with hot water, honey, and almond milk. Lots of vitamins. Tastes like hot chocolate + reishi which is very calming and good for the liver.
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  1. Wouldn't It Be Nice / The Beach Boys
  2. Crowded Places / Banks
    Suggested by   @SpaceCase
  3. Let It Be / The Beatles
    Suggested by   @SpaceCase
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From Adaptation, written by Charlie Kaufman
  1. There was this time in high school. I was watching you out the library window. You were talking to Sarah Marsh.
  2. Oh, God. I was so in love with her.
  3. I know. And you were flirting with her. And she was being really sweet to you.
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My dad narrates audiobooks, so while I've talked about them and thought about them in some detail, I've only ever listened to a handful. Abandoning podcasts for a bit.
  1. Lincoln In The Bardo
    So far, I love it. Been listening to the shit out of it. The many narrators thing is utilized well, I was worried it would be kind of a gimmick. But after reading the book, it makes sense. Curious if there is a confusing adjustment period if you listen without having read it first?