Another short story

  1. Tell me a story, he said
  2. It's late, she said
  3. Tell me a story, he said
  4. I'm a little drunk, she said
  5. Tell me a story, he said
  6. I don't think I'm happy in my relationship, she said
  7. And, he said
  8. And, she said
  9. Tell me that story, he said
  10. Once upon a time, she said
  11. Not that way, he said
  12. Once upon last year and last week, she said
  13. Now we're getting somewhere, he said
  14. And he sat back
  15. And he said nothing for a while
  16. And he listened, and he laughed, and he thought.
  17. Good story, he said
  18. Well, you had to be there, she said
  19. What happens next, he said
  20. What happens next, she said