Films I Have Made

As @bjnovak pointed out, there have been some excellent lists today. Hopefully this doesn't kill the mood, but I want to share something personal. I'm a filmmaker, and these are stills from some of the things I've directed.
  1. "Running To The Sea"
    Shot on 16mm film. I fell hard for film early on and haven't shot anything digitally yet, despite some financial pressure to do so. I take comfort in the fact that Tarantino is a pretty vocal supporter of the format. Because I know nothing, and he knows all.
  2. The video was for Royksopp.
    It stars my dad, my sister, and my dog.
  3. We won a contest to be the official video, and enough money to make a short film later that year.
    It was incredible. I have so many scripts and I can't normally fund any of them.
  4. "In My Labyrinth Mind"
    A falling out of love story.
  5. The video was for a band called Inspired and the Sleep
    We had 600 dollars and we spent it all on film processing like knuckleheads. See above. Our friends came out and made this whole video with us for nothing.
  6. We shot anywhere we could get for free.
    My apartment, the bar beneath my apartment, the streets surrounding my apartment, the subway.
  7. "Shelly"
  8. This is my first short film, which we are currently submitting to festivals.
  9. Thank you for reading!