Food/Workout Diary

More for my own record. I don't expect anyone to read and/or find this interesting (or maybe you will! I would) but there's something about posting that might hold me accountable
  1. 3/16
  2. First run in a whiiiile (listened to the daily, ran for about 25 minutes)
  3. Smoothie with bananas, berries, spinach, orange juice and a vanilla protein/vitamin powder
  4. Toast with Dijon, tomatoes, avocado, tempeh and a fried egg + mixed green salad. Iced coffee
  5. Lemonade, water, Dried cherries + cashews
  6. Leftover kale salad with roast veggies as a snack
  7. Tarragon lemon chicken, barley, carrots + beets + snap peas. Red wine
  8. 3/17
  9. Black coffee, orange, croissant
  10. Rubio's California Bowl
    Not my healthiest day so far
  11. Kale salad with Harissa/tahini dressing, avocado, roast cauliflower + butternut squash. Grapefruit beer
  12. 3/18
  13. Frittata with random assortment of veggies and cheese from the fridge
  14. Walked around Griffith park + observatory
  15. Greek lemon chicken, salad, rice, tahini, iced coffee
  16. Burgundy tri tip, roast carrots, warm kale salad too much wine
  17. 3/19
  18. Chili dogs
  19. Salmon poke bowl + iced green tea from Ramen of York
  20. Walk through Highland Park
  21. 3/20
  22. Avocado toast with lemon and basil + cold brew
  23. Afternoon run, more avocado toast, lots of water
    I had a lot of avocados to get through
  24. Pastrami, cherry pie, black coffee at Canter's
  25. 3/25
  26. Coffee and a Vietnamese short rib sandwich in South Pasadena
  27. Cream Soda from Galco's
  28. Kombucha, grilled cilantro/lime shrimp tacos with spicy mango salsa