Gifs Of Max Fischer I Relate To Emotionally

My bio, expanded upon.
  1. Pretty confident in my opinions
  2. Creatively inclined
  3. With a flair for the dramatic
  4. I want my work to be taken seriously,
  5. And I try to play it cool. Like Anna Karina or something
  6. But Anna Karina I am not
  7. I'm not cool
  8. Despite my best efforts, I care a lot.
  9. Most of the time I feel pretty lost
  10. And too old to be lost
  11. And hopelessly in love with a dream that statistically won't come true
  12. I'm afraid of waking up one day to learn that my zeal was misplaced
  13. Of the universe flicking me on the forehead like "not today, loser!"
  14. Of sitting in the warm, sad kiddie pool of my unrealized aspirations like
  15. But the way I see it
  16. Tis better to have tried and looked a damn fool
  17. Then never to have tried at all
  18. Not today Universe.