Humans of the Airport

  1. The woman sat across from me scrolling through her iPad. She has not yet lifted her eyes from the screen. In the name of efficiency she is holding a Tupperware container full of dry Cheerios to her face and licking them out like a cat.
  2. Wes Anderson wearing an overworked architecture student costume. Nice try.
  3. The weatherman on TV talking about freezing rain vs. freezing fog? Is this real? Should I know more about weather? This guy should have his own show.
  4. The exceptionally young mother tenderly cradling her exceptionally quiet baby.
  5. The guy in head to toe Lakers paraphernalia. You are what you love, not what loves you.
  6. The old man in a down jacket and explorer backpack. He's wearing tortoise shell glasses. He's really handsome and has nice posture. I think he is charming and smart, and only speaks when he has something fantastic to say. I'm going to spend 30% of the flight thinking about this. You are what you love, not what loves you.