1. Giphy
  2. "Hey, Joey! Come here a second will ya?"
  3. "What's up."
  4. "Is she saying something here?"
  5. "Run it again. No, I don't think she's saying anything."
  6. "Should I just put (crying)?"
  7. "I don't think she's crying."
  8. "Should I just put (sudden onset of audible joy)?"
  9. "I don't think that's what that sounds like."
  10. "What does it sound like?"
  11. "It sounds like her whole body is crumbling beneath immense happiness at the realization that she is loved back by the object of her love. It also sounds like the weight of what tremendous restraint is expected of her (whilst procuring both romantic/chaste affection and financial security) has been lifted off her shoulders....
  12. ...so that she is both enormously heavy and weightless."
  13. "Should I just put (the sound of her whole body crumbling beneath immense—"
  14. "No."
  15. "What should I put?"
  16. Giphy