My body

I'm having panic attacks today and this is calming
  1. Small archy square feet, one broken toe
  2. Skinny ankles
  3. Oval calf muscle, evidence of past life as dancer
  4. Small bony knee caps, very ticklish
  5. Thighs that are thin and not strong. They were once. I worry about them
  6. Hips with scar tissue
  7. Big butt
  8. V
  9. Soft tummy that is currently tangled
  10. Ribs that don't stick out, spine that does
  11. Low boobs
  12. Useless arms
  13. Child size hands
  14. I like my neck and collar bones
  15. Round jaw
  16. Lips where lower lip is disproportionately huge
  17. Nose like a lightening bolt
  18. Pink cheeks
  19. Big eyes that betray me
  20. Blondish brownish hair, cut blunt above shoulders
  21. Ears with a notch in them where my dad and grandpa had one too
  22. Brain that makes my body function but also bullies that body and halts it's function to throw a tantrum and hit panic button