My Favorite Famous Laugh

What's yours?
  1. Ricky Gervais
    I fucking love it
  2. Amy Poehler
    Suggested by   @jessilee23
  3. Woody Woodpecker
    I find it intoxicating
    Suggested by   @jaidub
  4. Eddie Murphy
    I do a spot-on impression of it. Which impresses kids as they think I'm doing Donkey from Shrek.
    Suggested by   @jonmichaelwxyz
  5. Seth Rogan
    Sounds like a farm animal 🐴
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  6. John Krasinski
    Especially when playing Jim Halpert and breaking 💕
    Suggested by   @carlastern
  7. Bill Hader
    Suggested by   @JAFred97
  8. Minnie Driver
    Suggested by   @aadi