My Short Film Is Live on Vimeo!

  1. It's called Shelly. I wrote the script last spring, and didn't think I would ever be able to fund it.
    I had been watching an episode of something like blue planet, and they featured this dance that sea dragons do together. It was so beautiful, I kept imagining a fictional film using these live sea dragons as the main characters. Then I became more interested in the type of person that might actually try to make that film, and Shelly became that person.
  2. And then, twist of fate, I won a contest with this video
    And with it, just enough $$ to make Shelly. (Maybe should have paid rent with it? Nah.)
  3. It was a small crew, and we all wore a lot of hats.
    For example our DP also composed the score. The actors contributed to the VHS photography. Our producer did infinity jobs. Our production designer took cool BTS pictures for us, like this one! The lead actress moonlights as my sister.
  4. For this scene we used projection mapping to achieve the effect of people floating by Shelly's window rather than doing it in post.
    For a lot of reasons. Mostly because it felt like a lucid dream, like what she might imagine.
  5. Anyway, if you get a chance I hope you watch the film, and enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! 🐬