My Visual Inspiration

To name a few, will probably add more later. Considering doing a separate directors/movies list because it would get crazy in here quick. Thanks @minhal !!
  1. Wong Kar-wai
  2. Young Chloe Sevigny's look
  3. Generally A lot of photographers
    Not an expert. This is by Martin Parr, 1986
  4. William Eggleston
  5. Mayan Toledano
  6. Bill Owens
  7. Spike Jonze music videos really hit me, so do his films
  8. A revolving door of movies from the late 90's-early 00's, and music videos from same period
  9. This documentary called Los Sures I saw recently. Perfect.
  10. Practical/handmade sets and effects
    Lack of slick
  11. My friends and family, who are all shining and making things
    This is by my sister, Maddison Rothery
  12. People watching
    Clarity/most intimacy from this