Qualities of a "Mr. Darcy"

Otherwise known as the nerdiest list I have yet written.
  1. Not a player. Would be a terrible player.
    He has negotiable flirting skills, and rarely breaks an awkward silence. He maintains pretty consistent communication and eye contact with the singular person he is interested in.
  2. Doesn't put on a face for the room.
    "We neither of us perform to strangers."
  3. Doesn't 'possess the talent of easily conversing' or something like that.
    But what he does say is usually direct, insightful, and difficult to argue with. Bonus points for arguing anyway.
  4. Surprisingly funny.
    "I have had the pleasure of your acquaintance long enough to know that you find great enjoyment in occasionally professing opinions which in fact are not your own"
  5. Acknowledges and faults himself for mistakes (once convinced of their having been made).
  6. Doesn't profusely apologize for said mistakes, just goes about fixing them under the radar.
    Because he's not the point. Probably my favorite Darcy quality.
  7. Tall.
    "I assure you that if Darcy were not such a great tall fellow, in comparison with myself, I should not pay him half so much deference."
  8. Slow to love, but when he does it's "ardently" and whatnot.
  9. His good opinion once lost, is lost forever.
  10. Unswayed by public opinion concerning his lady.
    Foiled again, Miss Bingley! Suck it, Lady Catherine!
  11. Takes no for an answer.
    "You have said quite enough, madam. I perfectly comprehend your feelings, and have now only to be ashamed of what my own have been."
  12. But holds on to a little hope.
    "If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject forever"
  13. Walks for miles just to keep talking, and not talking with you.
    "They walked on, without knowing in what direction. There was too much to be thought, and felt, and said, for attention to any other objects."
  14. Proud.
  15. And writes perfect letters.