1. My Nana and I are still awake, my Grandpa has gone to bed. We are pretty drunk. She is telling me something important and eating slices of cheddar cheese and smoking a cigarette. We stop talking because Fawlty Towers is back on.
  2. I have a crush on my friend's older brother. I am staying at their house. We wake up before everyone else, and he makes black tea instead of coffee. He pours the milk into our cups before the boiling water. I think it's a weird choice.
  3. My friend broke his neck and is wearing a brace. He wants to do something normal. We go see a new movie, 500 Days of Summer. We are late and the only seats left are in the front row. He has to lean his whole body back so far to see the screen, and we can't stop laughing.
  4. My Grandpa is making a curry over the stove. He is famous for not letting anyone in the room when he cooks, but he lets me sit at the kitchen table anyway. We don't speak. I can hear everyone else in the living room, not allowed through the threshold to the kitchen. It's amazing.