1. Me, walking home, ear buds in
  2. Across the street Dad (I assume) and Son (I assume) wait for light to turn
    Dad is huge/tall and laughing with enviable Dad Belly, Boy is 4-5 running circles around Dad/shrieking/pipsqueak
  3. Dad pretends to be monster, going to eat boy like cheeseburger
  4. Lifts boy triumphantly over head roaring like monster/hulk, holds at chest to gobble up
    Boy delighted
  5. Boy overwhelmed suddenly, inexplicably by love (I assume). Stops screaming, wraps pipsqueak arms around Dad/monster/hulk burrows head in great, big, safe neck
  6. Dad overwhelmed by definitely love. Holds boy in crooks of elbows, around knees and tiny back. Will always be there, will always love
  7. Me across street, frozen, ear buds in
  8. Wishing weird second in time would double in size, keep self-doubling exponentially.
    Spontaneity + fleeting sensation has to double with it, at same rate. Know this element is important, but also can't stand
  9. Wishing someone beside me, not saying or pointing out, just seeing beside me, this thing. Knowing I see already, no need to point out-
  10. Boy's brain moves fast, heart beats fast, leaps from arms, must be chased
  11. Dad shakes perfect moment away, morphs like in comic book, becomes monster/hulk with extra zeal + something else
  12. Me, walking home, ear buds in. Feet feel like sponges, pizza waiting in freezer
  13. Still can't remember what song