Songs from this week's Spotify Discover, and their optimal listening environment

  1. This Is The Day, The The
    In a good/fighter mood, walking through the east village in the morning
  2. Don't Give Up On Me, Solomon Burke
    In a hotel room far away from home, late at night, big windows and a big city, a drink from the mini bar
  3. The Valleys, Electrelane
    Live performance (discovered last minute) in a grassroots church style tent
  4. I Can Never Go Home Anymore, The Shangri-Las
    Tarantino movie in a tense/cheeky pre kick ass scene
  5. Sea Of Love, Phil Phillips & The Twilight
    In the background of deep talks and deep into a bottle of wine with someone you like to kiss
  6. Love Vigilantes, New Order
    On a red eye flight, when you can't sleep because you're too excited about where you're going and what it's going to look like
  7. Buckets Of Rain, Bob Dylan
    On a juke box in a dive bar
  8. Woncha Come On Home, Joan Armstrong
    In a melancholy mood driving down the highway at night with windows down and heater/seat heater on
  9. Go Home, Lucius
    Thinking about someone you can't stop thinking about
  10. Strange, Galaxie 500
    An overground part of the subway in Brooklyn, late afternoon just before evening, when the sun makes windows look on fire
  11. Video Life, Chris Spedding
    In bed on Monday morning, writing