Soundtrack to my 2016

  1. Night Owl, Cliff Edwards
  2. Unfucktheworld, Angel Olsen
  3. Please Stay, The Cryin Shames
  4. Baby, Os Mutantes
  5. Phone Down, Erykah Badu
  6. Lo Boob Oscillator, Stereolab
  7. Come On Up To The House, Tom Waits
  8. Stardust, Willie Nelson
  9. Dream Baby Dream, Suicide
  10. Work It, Missy Elliott
  11. Mother's Last Word To Her Son, Washington Philips
  12. In Dreams, Roy Orbison
  13. Cherry-colored Funk, Cocteau Twins
  14. Sweet Thang, Shuggie Otis
  15. To Know Him Is To Love Him, Amy Winehouse
  16. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright, Bob Dylan
  17. Birthday, The Sugarcubes
  18. More Than This, Roxy Music