Things that feel uniquely like being youngish

To me, not generally
  1. Going out for a cigarette after a show
  2. Ordering a PBR
  3. Describing a side job as "just to pay the bills"
  4. Wearing docs with a dress
  5. Realizing the friends you have now may or may not be the friends you have later
  6. Wondering what you'll be like when you grow up
  7. Considering anti age products and thinking "maybe in ten years"
  8. Surprising someone when you reference an article in the NYT
  9. Getting carded and being a little annoyed
  10. Insecurity about things that don't matter
  11. Hearing tinder stories
  12. Come to think of it this may be a running list. Lmk in the comments if these things persist post 35?