I'm pretty sure these ladies would love me as much as I love them, so we should probably be best friends.
  1. Katy Perry
    So I've basically been girl crushing on Katy Perry since I was in seventh grade. I'm pretty sure our mutual love for cats would totally be a source of our bonding. Plus I totally need a wild and outgoing friend like her to bring me out of my tiny introvert shell.
  2. She's hilarious, sassy, and a total girl boss. Not to mention, she seems like she would be super loyal, and back me up all the time. Basically, I don't just want Mindy to be my bestie. I kind of want her to live in my pocket and go everywhere with me. (Is that weird?)
  3. Zooey Deschanel
    Zooey is the epitome of the words fun and quirky, and I love her. Plus, if we were besties, I could probably borrow items from her closet. And that's awesome because the girl has killer style.
  4. Kristen Wiig
  5. Actually scratch Kristen Wiig, and just include the entire female cast of Bridesmaids
    This bullet, as well as its aforementioned counterpart, basically speaks for itself.
  6. Blake Lively
    Okay, so I almost didn't add Blake because I'm kinda worried that if she was my bestie, my fiancé would try to leave me for her. But then I was like, no way. I've gotta include Blake. She's so cool and down to earth, and I just feel like she would be a really good listener. She's kind of like that super popular girl from high school that you sort of envy, but you totally want her to be your bestie because she's just that cool.
  7. Carrie Brownstein
    Not only would she supply me with endless amounts of sarcastic and offbeat humor, but Carrie could also totally entertain me with awesome music. Plus, I'm pretty sure I could supply her with and endless amount of sketch ideas for Portlandia. Just saying.