1. Micheal coaching his son's baseball team
  2. Dwight reading a graphically violent and disturbing book to Phillip's kindergartenclass
  3. Meredith accidentally inventing the next supermom "wonder mop" type inventions while being innovatively lazy. Doesn't know how to act in the interviews/ answer any of the questions. Wasted most of the miney
  4. The office reinacts scenes from Lemonade under the harsh direction of Andy
  5. Kelly becomes a famous youtube vlogger
  6. Pam and her kids team up to pull pranks on Jim. Jim gets very defensive and aggravated and doesn't like it.
  7. Angela's son wins class treasurer and refers to him as the treasurer and carries him around like a show pony, much like she did with the Senator. (Treasure let me remind you, not president)