Inspired by @shannonalexis
  1. You are in a 2 year relationship with a Sk8er Boi
    Ur dream came true babe
  2. You have gotten hotter with age
  3. You embraced your curly hair
  4. The family you had has almost completely disintegrated
    And a lot of bad stuff happened.... but you survived
  5. You lived in Halifax for ~ 3 years
  6. You have done ~drugs~
    Multiple Times !!
  7. You have smoked many ~cigarettes~
    SO many.... u don't even remember HOW many.... WhoOoAH
  8. You are a huge ass Feminist
    It's a big part of who you are
  9. Your life is not boring
    It's also really hard ... but you've found out how to be happy and a lot of it has to do with loving yourself (Loving? Your... Own self?? What??)
  10. You're 21 and you're not a real adult and you're confused as fuck about what you're doing with your life
  11. You love nihilism
    Life has taught you that shit is essentially random and meaningless and that there is no set path to your life or other people's... and you actually like this way of thinking
  12. You love corn on the cob
    That thing u thought was mediocre and overrated? Yeah? Now u fucking love it bitch 👐🏼 life throws you curve balls