Here u go @mia_peanut, thanks for the request 👖
  1. Gut instinct
    Is there some garment I just must wear due to an irrational urge? Common examples include the big Adidas hoodie, the light blue camisole with a flannel, or one of my personal favourites- stripy, the baggy American apparel shirt.
  2. Jeans or leggings?
    If I select a top right away then I just pick whatever bottoms seem to work best with it. If not I must decide if it is a jeans day or a leggings day. Usually it is a leggings day but sometimes I think I should wear pants, which is always followed by wishing I was in leggings :p
  3. Then I pick a top to to with said bottoms
    Again, I tap into gut instinct and use no reasoning power
  4. I follow the Greyism dogma throughout
    This is a philosophy I invented myself that just means wearing grey is better. It isn't hard to include grey with every outfit because I have many grey garment options.
  5. Socks
    High top or low top? Gut instinct again.
  6. Then I look at my butt in the mirror
    This means I'm done, and then I go make my coffee.