How I Make My Hair Look Awesome and Not Like Shit: Curly Hair Principles

People often compliment me on my hair and say they wish they had my curls. Little do they know my hair has the capacity to look like nothing but a gigantic puff, and the reason it looks good now is because I have spent years of experimentation and research figuring my hair out.
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    Here r some vain hair selfies, to start
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    No Brushing!
    Brushes are the spawn of the devil for curly heads, and abolishing them from my life made such a difference. I only detangle with my fingers, and sometimes a wide tooth comb (if I really have to).
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    Buckets of Conditioner
    Follow the 3 Cs: condition, condition, and condition. I saturate my hair from root to tip every time I shower. I love this Tresemme conditioner, which happens to be pretty cheap!
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    Sulfate-free shampoo
    The active ingredient in most shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate, which makes it very lathery and strips all the oil out of your scalp. This is fine for straight heads, but on curly hair it is SO DRYING AND MAKES IT SO POOFY. Sulfate free shampoos use alternative ingredients which tend to be gentler and lather less, making your hair less bad upon drying. I love the Aveda rosemary mint one.
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    Cleansing conditioner
    When I want to clean my hair but don't want to use shampoo (shampoo is to be avoided in general), I use a cleansing conditioner or even lather normal conditioner into my scalp. I LOVE this l'oreal one butt they discontinued it :'( luckily i have two bottles still after many years since I use so little at a time.
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    Leave-in conditioner
    U wanna scrunch this into the hair after u shower. I also use it on my dry hair when it's getting frizzé. I swear by the garnier fructis hair creme.
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    I haven't been using oil for a very long time tbh, but when I was using coconut oil I LOVED IT. I have just been too lazy to buy it the last while. I would just put a bit with my other products and scrunch it and it would add a lot of shine and conditioning.
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    Sometimes u need a lil extra hold with ur hair creme. I use this primarily in the summer, scrunching it in after I shower as with the creme. I like the herbal essences one.
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    Air dry only
    A few times people have observed me waiting for my hair to dry and have asked "why don't u just blow dry it?" And this is honestly hilarious to me. Blow drying makes it huge and destroys natural curl and is just awful. To me it is common sense. Some people use diffusers, which lower the effects of the blow dryer, but I can't be bothered.
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    When ur hair is drying, which for me takes about 4 hours, avoid touching it at all costs. U have to let it dry without agitation for the curls to form into frizz-free wonder. Touching is a one way ticket to frizz town.
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    Dry with a t-shirt
    If u need to dab out excess water after the shower, use a t-shirt in a scrunching motion. T-shirts apply way less friction to ur hair than a normal towel due to the texture of the cotton. Friction->frizz town.
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    Don't Trust the System
    Any mainstream hair advice u get will generally be catered to straight-hair and will likely not work for a curly head. Most hair stylists (white), in my experience, don't know anything about curly hair care. Figure out everything for yourself and think critically! Do your own research. Don't just believe bottle labels. And despite what hair stylists will tell you, no one knows your hair better than you.
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    U have to love ur curls despite all the bad hair days and the pressure to look like the typical mainstream straight-haired beauty! Surround yourself with curl-positivity and inspiration. Lorde was the first celebrity I saw who had hair just like mine, so she is one of my inspos. :-)
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    Try not to think of this
    Part of me will always want to be 2002 Avril Lavigne with the pin straight hair, and that's ok. It's ok to go through a straightening phase now and then.