I Don't Trust People Who:

  1. Wake up at like 5am to exercise before work or school
    I'm not saying what you're doing is wrong but I just can't relate on any level and you're probably an alien
  2. Have serious Instagram bios
    If there's no irony or humour whatsoever then we can be acquaintances but not friends
  3. Are vegan
    Sorry (not sorry) sorry... Not sorry
  4. Pretend they don't like pop music
    This also goes for people who only admit to liking pop music from the 90s that has now gained "retro" status. If you claim to like the backstreet boys but hate one direction just don't talk to me please ✋🏼
  5. Related to above- who are suddenly obsessed with Taylor Swift because she's apparently cool now (?) and never admitted to liking her in her curly country days
    Anyway I'm done