Inedible Things I've Eaten

  1. Mac lipstick
    When I was 3 years old approx. don't remember but my mom was pissed because she had just brought it back from Toronto and had no way to get another one for a long time.
  2. Dog food
    My secret ritual as a child: creep down to the basement and eat two pellets. 😈
  3. Mosquito
    "Just to try it" also during childhood
  4. Blistex lip balm
    I don't mean I ate a little... I mean the whole pot straight. Multiples. It was a delicacy of my youth.
  5. Grass
    Who hasn't though?
  6. Egg shells
    I accidentally cracked like half a shell into my pancakes and kind of just ate them cuz what the heck
  7. Lip scrub
    My most recent snackable lip product