Screenshots/memes I Never Delete Off My Camera Roll

  1. Important
  2. What school feels like
  3. :') badge of encouragement for good measure
  4. 💕💕
  5. The only thing I want tattooed if I'm honest
  6. 👌🏼
  7. Only @ellakissedafella gets this one
  8. So relatable
  9. Idk?
  10. I made this meme. It is my pride and glory and I'm still waiting for the perfect chance to use it. Hence its permanent spot in my camera roll.
  11. I like this pic of me and sistor at dq
  12. 8)
  13. I guess I can't stop with the bae memes...
  14. Me and sistor being bosses in the vehicle
  15. No words
  16. Screenshot from the whistling guy vid, I want to meme it but can't think of the right caption yet
  17. Monumental minions status
  18. Sistor 🐸
  19. I just love the dog
  20. Oh mom
  21. ...
  22. It's good to just have this in case u ever need it
  23. These r real encouragements
  24. A new addition that's def gonna stay a while because I love the philosophy